A Bitcoin ATM is just around the corner

"The world’s first bitcoin ATM made headlines early November last year. Sitting against a wall in the corner of Waves Coffee House, the ATM saw $10,000 worth of transactions on the first day of use. That number is something Willard Ling wants to duplicate and exceed as he installs the first bitcoin ATM in New York City."

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Cryptocurrencies as a single pool of wealth



" The deflationary mechanism of each cryptocurrency is admirable; it is an attempt to preserve real purchasing power. With fiat paper money printed by an out-of-control central bank, an increase in the number and denomination of papers (or their electronic equivalents) circulating in the economy will not increase material prosperity or the abundance of real goods; it will only raise the prices of goods in terms of fiat-money quantities."


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Litecoin In 2014: Will The Cryptocurrency Overtake Bitcoin In The New Year?

"Litecoin sits at where bitcoins were last year this time. Currently litcoins are trading at around $24, a little higher than where bitcoins were January 2013. Interested parties who missed the bitcoin bandwagon, or who got in too late to make serious cash, are looking at litecoin as the new best thing. The opportunity exists to get in early and make some money as the currency jumps to reflect a closer relationship to bitcoin, which has been written about before."

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Viper device Litecoin miners are only weeks from pre-order.


Their 1u and 6u rack-mountable ASIC devices will feature low power consumption and high performance for the price:

Viper Device 5Mh/s: 100watts (or below) ~$2500 (full cost)   
Viper Device 25 Mh/s: 600watts (or below) ~$7500 (full cost) 

When Nimue gets our hands on these devices, the sky will be the limit!  We have the facilities ready and waiting to accept them, but for the next few weeks and months before release we still need to be focusing on bringing our GPU mining capacity up in order to increase our purchasing power!